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    Founded in 2002, United & Way Law Firm has been in providing general legal services with special emphasis on Mergers and Acquisitions, Trust Financing, Deposition of Non-Performing Assets, Hospitality Industry, Foreign Commercial Affairs and Insurance, Foreign-related Construction projects, Construction and Engineering, Real Estate, Infrastructure, Unfinished Building Purchase etc. We have over 30 qualified lawyers with some being bilingual (Chinese, English and/or Japanese, Cantonese) and licensed from overseas. For over a decade, United & Way has been providing professional legal services to numerous clients and earned a first class reputation for its trust-worthy and reliable services.
    Our office is over 500㎡and situated in Zhujiang New Town at Suite 1303, Leatop Plaza, 32 East Zhujiang Road, Zhujiang New Town, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China, which is Guangzhou's new CBD. There’s convenient transportation, beautiful scenery overlooking the Pearl River Delta, modern infrastructure with an elegant style.

    __ CULTURE

    Our corporate culture focuses on professional development, brand building, community involvement and continuously maintaining a strong management team. Our principle is to adhere to and uphold the rule of law both domestically and internationally by building a professional, team oriented and comprehensive law firm. Our philosophy is to provide a customized, personal and professional legal services for our clients.


    United & Way Law Firm comprises of an internationalized and specialized team of lawyers, with most of them graduating from prestigious law schools in China and or abroad. A large number of our partners and lawyers have practiced law in the United States, Australia, Germany, Singapore and other international law firms; and have extensive international legal experience. Having studied and worked abroad, our lawyers are highly proficient in foreign-related legal affairs.
    United & Way Law Firm has adopted a working mechanism that combines specialization within each team’s framework. Every particular practice group consists of expert partners and experienced associates that work alongside each other; making them an integral part of other teams within the firm which are fully supported whenever and wherever they are needed.
      The Power of Teamwork


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